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Atola Technology was founded in 2003 in Kyiv, Ukraine, by Dmitry Postrigan, a world renowned data recovery technician with an expertise in hard drive firmware recovery, and Fedir Nepiyvoda, a software engineer with a background in entrepreneurial business.

Our team is focused on developing products that combine sophistication and effectiveness with user-friendly operation.

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Atola Core Team

Dmitry Postrigan

Founder and CEO

Dmitry has a programming and electronics design background. He is the author of MHDD, a low-level HDD diagnostics tool. The first version of this remarkable tool was released in 2001 and immediately became the most widely used freeware disk testing tool in the world.

His second tool, developed for in-house use, was created in 2004. Its landmark features were an easy to use interface and the automation of the firmware recovery process.

He believes the industry needs an ultimate data recovery solution that is significantly more efficient and less risky to use. Automation of the disk diagnosis and data recovery tasks will lead to an increase in recovery success rates and a reduction of costs associated with the recovery process. Before Atola Insight, there were no hardware or software tools that would provide such a level of efficiency and automation.

Dmitry is managing Product and Business Development at Atola Technology.

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Vitaliy Mokosiy


Since 2008, Vitaliy has been Atola's resident expert in the development of Forensic and Data Recovery solutions for hard disk and solid state drives. He manages Product R&D in Atola Technology. Vitaliy's success in the projects is based on more than 10 years of product design, software development experience, and his superlative team management skills.

Being an adept of user-centric approach, he is heavily focused on delivering customer value through innovative Atola products.

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John Graham

Director of Sales and Business Development

John joined Atola in 2012 after spending almost 15 years on the leading edge of technology. He has been involved with world class technology ranging from high performance servers to streaming video and virtual reality systems. John is a customer-focused Business Development and Technical Sales professional with a solid track record of creating enduring, successful business relationships.

John is excited and proud to be tasked with leading the sales initiatives in North America and looks forward to servicing Atola's existing Clients and Partners while developing new opportunities for Atola's cutting edge Data Recovery software and hardware.

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Andrii Tyshchenko

Head of Hardware Development

Andrii has been fascinated with electronics, hard drives, data recovery, and data organizing since university. Prior to joining Atola Technology in 2006, he worked as an Electronics Design Engineer and as a Data Recovery Engineer.

From 2006 to early 2012, he was the Lead Developer for all hardware at Atola Technology and now he manages the Hardware Development Team.

Svetlana Kurtova

Head of Quality Assurance

Svetlana has more than 12 years of experience in testing complex software systems and is responsible for creating and implementing the testing process that integrates our software development lifecycle and project management. She leads the Quality Assurance Program for all Atola products, thus being the crucial bridge between our end users and developers.

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Fedir Nepyivoda


Fedir has been responsible for the development of Atola's software since inception. He is extremely attentive to the details relating to both the internal software design and the user interface of Atola's software. His unique quality is the ability to manage a wide range of tasks from low-level linux kernel driver development to the high-level user interface design with the same requirements for high quality.

Prior to co-founding Atola, Fedir lead a team of mobile platform UI developers in the design of a new mobile framework and was a Software Architect and Lead Developer at the largest telecommunications company in Ukraine.

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